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Healing Breakthroughs

How We Succeed in Healing Guts

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8,000+ happy customers

Worlds most
activated enzyme
Real People. Real Results.
When Others Didn’t Work
Michelle says about HoloZyme:
These are the best! They are the only enzymes that actually work for me, and I’ve tried many others over the years!
Linda S says:
This has been a life-changing supplement for me. I’ve tried so many different digestive enzymes over the years. NOTHING has been as effective as Holozyme.
Nathan says:
Great product. Not “just another” HCL product. Trust me – I’ve tried them all.
Lynnet M says about Tributyrin-X:
Tributyrin-X has provided support I have not gotten from any of the numerous gut supplements which I have tried.

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So You Don’t Have To

Us vs. The Competition

Healthy gut

No fillers

Non-GMO + organic when possible


Studied dosages

Never-ending formula improvement

Customer support with health specialists

Other Brands

Flow agents, fillers

Good ingredients wrong amounts

No improvement to products over time

Lack of customer usage support

No refunds

Big marketing, small results

Our Best Sellers

Tributyrin-X bottle


Revolutionary butyrate support for
leaking guts, histamine, food sensitivities,
and more.


Holozyme bottle


Break apart your food faster and absorb more to reduce bloating and other common gut pains.


HCL Guard bottle

HCL Guard+

All-In-One stomach support to correct acid levels, regulate gut speed, and increase energy.


Trusted by 100+ Pracitioners

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Hi, I’m Steven

Welcome to Healthy Gut.

Here my pain and curiosity drives innovation forward for all of us.

For the last 14 years, I’ve trained in functional medicine, and supported many tough cases to find breakthroughs in their healing. As a Health Engineer I hope our company gives you products, ideas, and support you’ve never experienced or imagined. Because we want you healthy, doing your best work, to make this world a better place

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